beard and mustache hair transplant

Beard restoration & Mustache Hair Transplant in mumbai

Beard and mustache is very important for men’s looks and to boost their confidence. In beard or mustache hair transplant ; hair follicles are taken from the scalp donor area and transplanted to your jawline or mustache . There is always temporary shedding of hair which are implanted and this is absolutely a normal and natural process . Usually the scalp follicular unit has mostly double or triple hair roots because of which after beard or mustache hair transplant it gives a more denser look .The transplanted hair which grows after the beard or mustache hair transplant are permanent.

Indication of beard and mustache hair transplant in India Maharashtra, Mumbai.

  • Those who have low density of beard and / or mustache hair 
  • Total absence of beard and / or mustache hair
  • Any face surgery done earlier causing scarring hair loss in beard or mustache area
  • Burns
  • Trauma due to accidents
  • In masculinization of transgender patients 

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The procedure of beard and mustache hair transplant



FUT :  In the FUT method a long narrow strip of skin is removed from the back side of the scalp which is then divided into hair grafts .Donor area is then sutured by putting the skin edges together . This suture line  immediately gets hidden by hair on back however it gives linear scar on back of head 

FUE : With FUE method individual follicular units containing 1 to 4 hairs are removed under local anesthesia using micro punches of between 0.7 to 1 mm in diameter .The extracted grafts are stored in a chilled ringer lactate saline for survival . The grafts are then placed in a predetermined density and pattern into the recipient site. As individual follicles are removed only small punctate scars remain which are virtually not visible . 



Grafts can be implanted by one of the following method 

A) Pre-made slits or preformed slits : The main advantage of preformed slit is that exposure of grafts time out of the body is reduced . It can be done in 2 ways – coronal or Sagittal angle slit 

Slits can be done by razor blade , Sp 90 blade , CTS blade or 18/19/20 no needles 

B) Stick and place technique: 

Here simultaneous site creation and immediate implantation is done . Hypodermic needles ( 18/19/20 size ) or surgical blades are used . In this technique grafts are pushed through bevel while withdrawing the needle . 

C) Implanter Technique

Here one has to load the grafts into the Implanter so more assistants are required. Although it is quick and easy it requires training . It is time consuming and expensive also e. g. Choi Implanter , sava Implanter 

Frequently Asked Questions

One who has less density in beard and mustache areas due to genetic disorder , surgery, burn , trauma etc

 After beard transplant patients can have pain swelling redness which is expected and manageable as the patient is always on antibiotics and painkillers.

 It starts after 3 months of surgery and will get completed by the end of a year . 

Cost of beard hair transplant varies from person to person and depends on graft’s requirements. However beard and / or mustache hair transplant should be done by an experienced surgeon only . Dr . Vinod is experienced in this field for more than 14 years . 

Yes. FUE is the most common technique used for Mustache transplant. FUE is less painful compared to FUT  and widely acceptable. 

Yes, we can use beard hair from below the jawline called as shadow area for beard hair transplant. Procedure is the same as that of FUE . As it is beard hair only it matches or resembles the beard hair or face due to its similar texture . 

The cost of mustache hair transplant varies from person to person and totally depends on the requirements of the grafts .