Body Hair Transplant in Mumbai


Is your scalp donor receding? Do you need to extract hair from other parts of the body? If your answer is yes, body hair transplant (BHT) the ideal solution for you. In this endeavour, Bloom Hair Transplant can come to your assistance. Our expert Hair Specialist Dr. Vinod Sonawane (MD) will extract hair from different parts of the body carefully paying maximum attention to your requirements. It is our deep medical understanding about Body Hair Transplant and the impact of the transplant process that we have come to attain a prime position in the hearts of our clients. If your scalp hair has already been used for transplant or has reduced so much that one cannot use the hair, doctors can do the same from other body parts like, the beard, chest and/or axilla. It is also apt to cover scar-line at previous donor sites. 

In the past, hair fall and the resulting baldness was considered to be the advent of old age. But, today, more and more young people are turning bald. Causes vary from excessive work pressure to unhealthy eating habits and pollution, among others. The advancement of science has brought human species to a phase where they can implant hair and make it look completely natural. With FUE hair transplant the hair transplanted into the scalp will grow in such a manner that no one will be able to identify its origin and will think that it is natural head hair.

What is Body Hair Transplant Cost In Maharastra?

With the FUE hair transplant technique, we can extract 500 to 2000 body hair grafts. Our specialists try their level best to make sure that patients do not feel uncomfortable or pained while going through the treatment. Body Hair Transplant Cost in Maharastra is very affordable and we offer EMI options through our financial institution tie up to clients.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant technique that involves harvesting individual hair follicles from a donor area from scalp or body and transplanting them into bald or thinning areas. The procedure is minimally invasive and performed under local anaesthesia. During the FUE procedure, our surgeon use a small, circular instrument called a punch to extract individual hair follicles from the donor area. These follicles are then implanted into the recipient area using small incisions. FUE is a popular hair transplant method due to its natural-looking results and minimal scarring. However, it may require multiple sessions to achieve desired results. 

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Suitability & Limitation of Body Hair Transplant



Some people have lesser number of grafts than what their scalp can hold. Such patients should opt for body hair transplant. It is also chosen by patients who have already undergone hair transplant work previously leading to lack of donor hair graft on the scalp.

If you have been a victim of hair loss due to prior genetics, surgery scar repair, laser hair removal, accidents or burns, body hair transplant is the best solution. It is also applicable when patients wish to thicken the existing hair.

So, if your hair on the tonsure (back of the bare head) is not enough, do not lose hope. If the size of the donor area, hair density and other parameters match with their requirement, they will conduct the surgery.



Even though body hair transplant has evolved from FUE, it is quite different from its parent method in many ways. Head and body hair differ from each other in terms of characteristic features, type of skin, growth direction of follicular skin and depth under the skin of the hair follicle.

If you are eyeing body hair transplant-FUE over FUE, you must know that the follicular units of a body are different from the follicles in the scalp in both type and texture. While body hair has 1 hair per FU, scalp hair is present naturally in groups of 1-4. Body hair transplant-FUE is most suitable if you wish to increase the density of head hair. If you consider, 50 FUs/cm2, it means there is around 50 to 60 body hair/cm2 and for the same density, the count of head hair is 90 to 120/cm2. This shows that body hair transplant requires two times as many grafts to improve hair density.

These differences have magnified the need to conduct feasibility tests to be performed before transplanting hair from body to head. Approach a hair transplant expert who has the ability and know-how to identify these differences and move forth.



In spite of being a popular way of hair transplant, body hair transplant is only resorted to when there is no other way to extract hair. Moreover, hair from legs and arms have short anagen phase, leading to slow growth, which does not even exceed a few centimeters. Thus, the hair growth often does not meet the aesthetic needs. Also, owing to the limited research in the field, very few hair surgeons take up this option. It is thus, essential that the hair surgeon has detailed knowledge about the results of the operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If patient undergoes strip FUT method then scar is expected but it is negligible, undetectable and get hidden by hair at the back. In FUE method there is no scar.
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