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Eyebrow Hair Transplant at Bloom Hair In Mumbai

Eyebrows not only protect our eyes but also add beauty to our face. Nowadays due to latest technique it is possible to grow perfectly arched and symmetrical eyebrows. One can have desired density and shape that you want which enhances facial appearance also . Eyebrow loss can happen due to Alopecia areata, burn , trauma , radiation chemotherapy etc .Eyebrow transplant is done by FUE hair transplant method where individual follicular units are extracted from the donor site which are then transplanted in the eyebrow . It heals faster and doesn’t give any scarring.


How the procedure of eyebrow hair transplant done ?

Eyebrow hair transplant is one of the popular cosmetic procedure in india . Although follicular units can be taken by both the surgical approach of FUT and FUE ; FUE is the most commonly performed performed procedure for eyebrow hair transplant today . In FUE method , the individual hair follicles are extracted from donor scalp area and are then implanted in the brow to create desired shape , size and arch etc . Many times we select hair unit from nape of neck in case of female. Eyebrow hair transplant in male and female are different. In male eyebrows are more thicker and straighter than that of women . In males we use beard hair also as donor many times . But female needs special attention because of their size , shape and arch.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Any patient who has lost eyebrow or having thinning of eyebrows or wants to add beauty to their face by giving cosmetic shape Angle and arch to eyebrows
  2. Burns , trauma
  3. Resistant stable Alopecia areata
  4. Frontal fibrosing alopecia
One can have pain, swelling, redness, numbness on and around eyebrows which is normal and expected. It subside on its own in few days . Patient is on antibiotic cover and painkillers for a week . Scabbing will be noticed in a few days.

Continue antibiotic and painkillers for a week from the day of procedure

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight , dust and polluted material
  • Not to wash your face for minimum 5 to 7 days
  • No heavy exercise and swimming for next one month
The cost of eyebrow hair transplant varies from individual to individual. It totally depends on the number of grafts required but one must never compromise on the price of eyebrow hair transplant and one should get it done from the experienced and well known surgeon only as eyebrow hair transplant add to your face value.
Growth of transplanted eyebrow hair starts after 3 months of procedure and complete result is visible by the end of one year.
In bloom hair transplant clinic we have experienced and knowledgeable surgeon dr vinod sonawane who is the best hair transplant surgeon in india . He believes in treating each patient with personal attention . Bloom hair transplant does all services at affordable prices.