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Restoration of failed hair transplant In Bloom HAir Transplant

 We are experts in correcting wrongly done hair transplants wherein we do hairline correction and give maximum hair density . Although it is extremely difficult, Dr. Vinod Sonawane with his vast experience and knowledge is regularly doing correction surgeries by using the latest techniques of hair transplant . The most common reason for failed hair Transplant or wrong hair transplant is lack of experience of the surgeon , improper graft placement, improper handling of grafts causing damage to grafts , not taking careful measurements while doing hairline or not using advanced hairline devices , poor technique and bad hair transplant planning. Dr Vinod Sonawane is renowned for providing best hair transplant surgery in india and even for correcting failed hair transplants.

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Repaired hair transplant is required in following cases



a) Many times the hair line has been designed as a straight line which gives unnatural appearance or even feminine look 

b ) If the hairline has been placed in low lying manner which can be corrected by extracting the defective hairline follicular unit and reconstructing the hairline 



In a failed hair transplant usually grafts are placed very sparsely which gives skin through effect and still baldly looks only . Due to previous hair transplant patients usually have a lot of scarring which makes it difficult and challenging but with Direct hair transplant technique and due to the experience of Dr Vinod Sonawane we overcome this issue .