3Major Reasons for Unexpected yet Rampant Hairfall Today

3Major Reasons for Unexpected yet Rampant Hairfall Today

3Major Reasons for Unexpected yet Rampant Hairfall Today

By Dr Vinod Sonawane, MD- Hair Transplant Surgeon, PG Diploma in Trichology & Managing Director at Bloom Hair Transplant


On an average, human beings lose up to 80 strands of hair a day. But when this hairfall increases, especially among young people, it becomes a cause for concern.


And understandably so, hair is like a crown on the head. It’s a key feature that enhances people’s looks. No wonder even TV personalities like Harsha Bhogle, Virender Sehwag and Himesh Reshammiya resorted to cosmetic hair improvement.


Hairfall is becoming widespread among urban Indian citizens. It’s becoming more visible among urban women for multiple reasons. Here are three of them.


  1. Stress


The responsibilities on urban women have increased manifold. Not only do they have to continue managing their homes, but they also are exploring opportunities for better careers. Sometimes, they have to work out of compulsion to complement the earnings for the household.All of this leads to an increase in stress.


Stress increases the androgen count in one’s body and causes dandruff. This dandruff and the shampoos used against it leads to increasinghairfall.


Reducing stress is important not just to avoid undue loss of hair, but also to lead a better life. Yoga, meditation, and sharing responsibilities with family members are some steps to achieve this.


  1. Improper Diets


The hectic pace of life has been accompanied by an increase in the consumption of unhealthy food. We don’t consume enough iron, protein and vitamins to stay fit and keep healthy hair. To maintain a bush of hair we can be proud of, it’s essential to sustain a healthy diet.


For non-vegetarians, eggs, fish and prawns are good food items to maintain good hair. Eggs are a rich source of iron, zinc, sulphur, and selenium. Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids while prawns are rich in Zinc and Vitamin B12. These nutrients keep your hair smooth and silky and make it look fabulous.


For vegetarians, there are enough tasty food options to enjoy and keep fabulous hair at the same time. Prunes and beetroot can prevent hair from thinning. Beans and pulses add the necessary amount of protein in a diet. Berries are highly recommended because they contain a high degree of vitamin C, which enables the body to absorb iron from the diet. It also produces collagen, an essential component for non-brittle and thick hair growth.


3.Lack of exercise


Physical exercise is something many of us can’t find time for today. Yet, it remains one of the most critical steps that help improves not our internal health, but also our hair. Women who exercise regularly also notice that they have healthier hair.


Moderate exercise increases the production of new cells in our body. It slows down protein breakdown while we sleep. This aids in cell growth. That’s why regular exercise improves sleep, cell regrowth and the lusciousness of hair.


Exercise also nourishes hair follicles by supplying them with oxygen so that blood flow to them increases.The more the oxygen supplied, the better the nutrients, the better the health of your hair.


No two people have the same scalp or hair. Visit experts in your city to figure out the perfect plan to maintain and improve your hair’s lusciousness. Bloom Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai consults with countless patients and assists them in achieving desired hair growth. Visit your local expert today.


Leading a balanced life won’t just improve your looks. It will also improve your lifestyle. You’ll do more for yourself and loved ones, and feel happier. And happiness, after all, is the end goal of life.

About Bloom Company

We are Bloom Hair Transplant, a 7+ years old clinic dedicated to maintain and enhance the image of individuals through a personalized, hi-tech enabled and result oriented treatment for hair transplant. Bloom firmly believes in providing the right care at the right time to each patient that walks in. To ensure the vision is put into practice, at Bloom we only allow qualified and certified doctors to take care of patients and perform all procedures. This ensures optimal care is taken. Bloom was started with a vision to provide high quality hair transplant & restoration treatment to help patients gain confidence in their journey of life. Hair in India is a very sensitive issue among both men and women. Rapidly receding hairlines and hair fall due to factors like pollution, stress, rising work pressure, improper eating habits, usage of chemical shampoos, rising heredity and hormonal disorders leading to baldness are growing today. This has resulted in reduction of self confidence, loss of front facing jobs and overall drop in morale of citizens. At Bloom, we understand this pain of our patrons and hence focus on providing the most personalized, hi-tech solution to ease this pain. A time-consuming yet effective procedure, hair transplant is a surgical procedure to implant hair follicles taken from the donor to the areas with the lack of it. Launched in 2010, Bloom Hair Transplant has pioneered the techniques to give its clients from all over the world a treatment that works. We are a renowned name for our best consultation and state of the art hi-tech procedures for hair transplant. Keeping best interest of our clients first, we never compromise on safety to make the entire journey easy for the patients. With clinics across Mumbai, Satara, Karad & Bengaluru, we truly believe that the right treatment if taken can remove depression from the lives of the young nation that we have and help us gain confidence galore.

                                                        Dr. Vinod Sonawane

From being a freelancer to running branches across India, Dr. Vinod Sonawane has singularly moved his way up bring happiness to the 1000 plus patrons who have sought his treatment. Bringing joy to the lives of people and helping them with confidence has been a life mission for Dr. Sonawane. Although growing at such a tremendous pace, Dr. Sonawane has always maintained a non-negotiable approach when it comes to patients’ safety. Unlike others, he firmly believes all treatments need to be performed by a qualified and certified doctor. He himself has done over a 1000 procedures using latest technology and personalized care.

Dr Sonawane, an MD – Hair Transplant Surgeon, PG Diploma in Trichology is the Managing Director at Bloom Hair Transplant, a 7+ years old clinic dedicated to maintain and enhance the image of individuals through a personalized, hi-tech enabled and result oriented treatment for hair transplant. Passionate about watching movies, Dr. Sonawane in his personal time loves to write poetry. With his doting mother, loving son and daughter and a professional baker as his wife, Dr. Sonawane draws a lot of confidence from his family. His mission in life is too always give more than what he has committed and ensuring each patient he treats leaves with happy and fulfilled life than before.


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