Importance Of Hairline Design In Hair Transplant

Importance Of Hairline Design In Hair Transplant

Importance Of Hairline Design In Hair Transplant

The hairline is a key aspect of every human’s look. A perfectly natural hairline can enhance the overall looks of a person and is also related to the self-confidence of an individual. Since the hairline is clearly visible on the forehead, it is essential to have a natural or well-shaped hairline. At Bloom Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai, we provide the best-in-class hair transplantation services. With an experience of over 10+ years, Dr. Vinod is also a member of AHRS (Association of Hair Restoration Region).

Our modern-day imported hairline design machines are one of their kind and can perform hair transplantation services effortlessly and in no time! Another reason why we term ourselves as one of the best hair transplantation clinics in Mumbai is the affordability. As we care for you, we do care for your money too!

Hairline Design:

The hairline is the first visible thing due to its presence on the forehead and is the first thing that you see in the mirror while standing in front of it. A poorly shaped hairline might lead to less confidence in people. Hair transplantation is an irreversible procedure. Hence, a careful design plan must be chalked out.

At Bloom Blog Hair Transplant Clinic, our doctors take care of each parameter since it is necessary to make sure that the new hairline design is visible, yet unnoticeable.

Our expert services are capable enough of taking your care right from consultation to the day you get your new hair!

What is the Importance of good Hairline Design?

  • A natural hairline is never straight. The existence of peaks and rifts make it look like a wave. Hence, the new hairline design must adhere to the shape of the natural hairline.
  • If a surgeon is not experienced, the hairline design may end up looking poorly shaped. The aim should be to make it look more natural and less ‘CERTAINLY’ noticeable.
  • The hairline generally exits at 30° to 45° and points forward toward the nose.
  • As one reaches the frontal hairline, the angle becomes more acute at 15° to 20°, and the direction usually remains to point forward. On occasion, hair in this area may bend slightly to the left or right. In such cases, these standard ratios are to be maintained.

Hair transplant procedure

Factors to be considered while designing the hair transplant:

  • Age of Patient – A teenager’s hairline is likely to look weird on a 50-year-old person. Hence, the natural appearance of the new hairline design is a must.
  • Gender – There exists a difference between a male and a female’s hairline. Hence, gender consideration plays an important role.
  • Face Shape – A surgeon should consider the face shape and size of the patient since differently shaped hair on a small-sized face would ruin the hairline design. Generally, every individual has a distinctive hairline.
  • Type of Hair Loss – A hairline design is likely to show up if the person is suffering a  hair loss due to traction alopecia. Hence, the root cause of the hair fall also needs to be considered.
  • Density of Hair – The density of hair varies from person to person.

What to expect at Bloom Hair Transplant?

We provide hair transplants using one of the versatile and most sophisticated methods – Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE). It is by far the easiest method of hair transplantation since it leaves no scars.

In this method, follicular units are extracted one at a time from the donor area. Then, small holes are made in the recipient area and follicular units are implanted.

Why Bloom Hair Transplant?

Being an internationally certified doctor, Dr. Vinod has taken more than hair transplant training from all over the world. In his experience of more than 10 years, Dr. Vinod has performed more than 2000+ procedures. The doctor solely performs the procedure without hiring a technician. Dr. Vinod is also a member of the AHRS ( Association of Hair Restoration Surgeon). Dr Sonawane is also awarded as the Iconic Hair Transplant Surgeon by Mid-Day.

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