Best Doctor For Hair Transplant In Mumbai

Best Doctor For Hair Transplant In Mumbai

Best Doctor For Hair Transplant In Mumbai

Self Esteem and Hair Loss treatment:

Hair loss is a condition that affects millions of people around the world. It can happen due to genetics, aging, stress, illness, or other factors. The good news is that there are treatments available to restore lost hair.

Hair loss puts a damper on confidence of majority of men and symbolises aging and weakness, it also lowers their self-esteem, however with modern science and development of newer treatment modalities, hair loss can be prevented and hair transplant can be successfully accomplished.

Androgenic Alopecia is reported to be one of the main cause of men hair loss, also known as male pattern baldness, in this condition scalp becomes more sensitive to hormone DHT, it leads to shorter hair growth cycle and reduces hair follicle output, in turn leading to low hair growth.

In ancient period long and thick hair symbolised machismo, energy, vigour and strength, so it is still possible that it affects the male psychology and self-esteem.

“Hair loss in men can affect self-esteem to the extent that a man believes his appearance to be an important part of what makes him a worthwhile or valuable person,” psychologist Paul Greene, PhD, says.

As per the study conducted:

Of the 1536 men responding to the telephone survey, 729 (47%) reported hair loss; these men are the subject of this report. Over 70% of these men reported hair to be an important feature of image, and 62% agreed that hair loss could affect self-esteem. The realization that they were losing hair was linked to concern about losing an important part of personal attractiveness (43% of men), fear of becoming bald (42%), concern about getting older (37%), negative effects on social life (22%), and feelings of depression (21%). Reduced self-confidence in personal attractiveness was also reported by 38% of men who were not in stable romantic relationships. Less than 10% of men were currently pursuing treatment for hair loss, and three out of four had never pursued treatment for hair loss, either at present or in the past. Those few men who pursued treatment and reported success (n = 73) also reported psychosocial benefits as a result: from 43% to 59% experienced improvements in parameters of self-esteem and perception of personal attractiveness. Reliance on self-reporting of hair loss and use of non-validated instruments to measure psychological outcomes are important study limitations.

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