All About Body Hair Transplant

All About Body Hair Transplant

All About Body Hair Transplant

Every individual getting a Hair Transplant done has a goal in their mind that he desires to fulfil. Hair Transplant is done to achieve natural-looking hair, adequate hair density, Long term hair growth, and complete coverage of baldness. Bloom Hair Transplant is a hair transplant clinic in Mumbai that can help you achieve all your goals and desires to help you feel better and confident in your own self.

Why Body Hair Transplant is Performed?

While performing a body hair transplant, there are many factors that are considered. The stage of the baldness is one factor that decides if you’d need a body hair transplant. Grade 6 and 7 are the advanced stages of baldness that generally requires 7,000 to 8,000 grafts to achieve full coverage.

An average scalp donor can donate around 4,000 to 5,000 grafts in 2-3 sittings but to achieve full coverage, you’d require body hair.

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Are Body Hair Effective?

Body hair is genetically very different from the scalp hair as they have different growth rate and life cycle. The scalp hair is considered as the most effective hair for the treatment but for full coverage, you may require to donate your body hair.

The beard hair is commonly considered for the hair transplant treatment as it closely matches the scalp hair. The beard hair is considered as the second, best option for the treatment as the hair around the beard is thicker, hard and wiry.

So, all the body hair can be considered but the first preference is always given to the scalp and beard hair.

What are the Other types of Body Hair Considered?

The other body hair that are considered during the treatment are:

  • Chest hair
  • Abdomen hair
  • Thigh’s hair
  • Back hair
  • Hand’s hair
  • Pubic hair
  • Axillary hair

All the other body hair are vellus types of hair that have a slow and thin growth. The success rate after harvesting the body hair is generally less and the survival of these hair grafts are less too. The number of grafts obtained from all these body parts are also less when compared with beard and scalp hair.

Doctors that perform this treatment, rely on the scalp and beard hair more than any other type of body hair. They try to achieve full coverage by taking 70% hair from the scalp and 30% hair from the beard. This will help in achieving long-term and long-lasting results as the success rate of beard and scalp hair is more than any other body hair.

Fears Related to Body Hair Transplant Procedures

Many patients have some fear related to the body hair transplant procedures and the most common fears are the color, thickness, structure of the body hair and the difference between the structure of the body and scalp hair.

An individual planning for a full coverage hair transplant would require body hair and may have questions related to the same. But, there’s nothing in general to worry about but you should know the difference between the scalp hair and body hair.

As said before, our scalp hair is very different from our body hair, they tend to have different structures and thickness.


The main concern of the patients undergoing hair transplant treatment is, if they would have any scars on their donor area. A patient would have some obvious scars but they would eventually heal within some weeks.

Doctors generally do not recommend going for a body hair transplant unless it is necessary or your scalp and beard hair aren’t enough for the procedure. Bloom Hair Transplant clinic will help you have a smooth hair transplant procedure as we work on meeting all your hair transplant expectations.