What are the Major Reasons for Hair Fall and Does Helmet Cause Hair Fall ?

What are the Major Reasons for Hair Fall and Does Helmet Cause Hair Fall ?

What are the Major Reasons for Hair Fall and Does Helmet Cause Hair Fall ?

major reasons for hair fall 

Hair fall or Hair loss can be localised or generalised; scarring or non-scarring. Non scarring Alopecia consists of androgenetic Alopecia, telogen effluvium and Alopecia areata. Androgenetic Alopecia is the most commonest type of hair loss in both sexes where there is progressively decline in Anagen (growing phase ) duration and an increased telogen (shedding phase ) duration .Hair fall more than 100 hair per day is considered as significant hair fall .Measure reason for hair fall comes under category of non-cicatricial Alopecia or diffuse non-scarring alopecia. Commonest cause of hair fall is telogen effuvium which is characterised by diffuse alopecia and reduced hair volume over scalp. This excess shedding is the result of premature conversion of Anagen follicles to telogen follicles. Measure reason for hair fall are as follows:

1) Nutrition:

a. Iron deficiency – Nonanaemic iron deficiency can lead to severe hair fall which normalizes on correction of iron status .A serum ferritin level of less than 30migrogram / lit in the absence of associated infectious or inflammatory disease is  almost 98% specific for iron deficiency. Six months of iron supplementation with or without anaemia frequently results in hair regrowth and reduction in shedding .If this does not occur or hair regrowth is incomplete, then minoxidil or hair transplantation can be considered as a second line treatment.
b. Rapid weight loss (crash diet)
c. Protein or calorie deprivation

2) Stress induced – febrile illness, surgery, trauma, chronic illness, accident
3) Hormonal – hypo or hyperthyroidism, pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, PCOD
4) Drug induced – beta blocker (anti-hypertensive), cholesterol lowering agent, warfarin, valproate, Akt

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Does helmet causes hair fall?

Does Helmet Causes Hair Fall? Answer is “Yes”. Dr. Vinod Sonawane explains, “Use of helmet causes traction Alopecia. Helmet causes sustained pulling on the hair roots .It is a form of trauma induced Alopecia resulting from continuous and excessive pulling of hair shafts”.

Over a period of several years, traction results in hair follicle death .The total number of terminal hairs is normally reduced. It also occurs in individuals who tightly pull back their frontal hair.

Thinning and recession involve the frontal area and may extend into the temporal regions. The clinical features include perifollicular erythema, scales, pustules, broken hair and reduced hair

The region affected depends upon the hair styling practice also .Although there is no chance of hair regrowth in traction Alopecia of long duration, appropriate early recommendations can result in regrowth of hair and prevention of further hair loss .Hair transplantation is successful in lowering the receded frontal hairline and re-establishing appropriate density.

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