Steps In FUE Hair Transplant

Steps In FUE Hair Transplant

Steps In FUE Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery has been one of the surgeries in demand over recent years. A hair transplant surgery can be performed using two methods: follicular unit strip harvesting technique (FUT) or through follicular unit extraction (FUE). At Bloom Hair Transplant, our expert team of doctors help you throughout the entire procedure. With a team of doctors holding massive experience and knowledge in this field, we assure our every client returns with the biggest smile on their faces! Hair transplant in Mumbai can sometimes get expensive but at Bloom Hair Transplant, we cater the most pocket-friendly hair transplant services in Mumbai.


FUE includes extracting hair follicles from donor or back areas of the scalp and implanting them on the bald areas or regions where the hair growth has become thin.

In men, due to the male baldness pattern, it is usually the horseshoe area where implantation is required. Bloom Hair Transplant is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Mumbai and we vouch to render the best of our services. Now, let’s have a quick tour of how this FUE treatment is carried out:

1.  Consultation and preparation:

Before the hair transplantation, one-on-one consultation is done. In this meeting, our expert doctors analyze the baldness patterns on your head and prepare a tailored strategy for your procedure. It is essential to analyze the patterns to decide the optimum number of hair grafts required. Also, this is the correct time to get all your queries solved with the doctor himself.


2.  Hairline Design:

A proper hairline design is a next stage. In this step, we ensure that an extremely natural hairline design is mapped out for you. The hairline design varies from person to person. It is crucial to see that the bald regions are covered completely.


3.  Local Anesthesia:

In the next step, local anesthesia is injected into the scalp to extract the hair follicles.


4.  Extraction:

After the anesthetization, the doctor makes circular incisions, less than 1 mm in diameter, on your scalp using a small microneedle. These incisions are carried out around a follicular unit on the head to isolate a graft. Later, a tweezer-shaped instrument is used to perform the extraction from your donor area. Multiple follicular units are extracted similarly. In advanced FUE procedures, the grafts are extracted one by one which leaves no scar on the scalp.


5.  Graft Preservation:

The extracted grafts are then cleaned and sorted according to the number of hairs it contains. Later, the grafts extracted are kept in chilled saline before being measured for density and angles to be implanted in the area that has gone bald. These grafts are preserved in Petri dishes till implantation.

6.  Implantation:

Before the implantation, micro orifices are made where the follicular units will be later implanted. The depth of these orifices is the same as the length of the follicular unit length.

To perform the procedure, specific precise instruments known as ‘IMPLANTERS’ are used. The follicular units are implanted into the scalp one by one in the bald areas.

At Bloom Hair Transplant, we take care of different parameters like angle, density distribution, and the baldness pattern so the transplant looks more natural.


7.  Post-op Steps:

Post-surgery, you will be wearing a bandana or a cap on your head to avoid any damages. A gentle disinfectant is also applied to avoid any infections.

In cities like Mumbai, we believe finding the best clinics can be a challenge. To help cut down this hassle, we also provide online consultations so that you get to experience the aura of one of the best hair transplant clinics in Mumbai!

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