FUT Vs FUE! Which One Is Better For You?

FUT Vs FUE! Which One Is Better For You?

FUT Vs FUE! Which One Is Better For You?

According to Google, the most asked question related to hair were “How do I stop losing hair?”, “What are the root causes of hair fall?”, “How to treat hair fall at home?” Also, these questions and the search for the term ‘hair fall’ saw a huge spike throughout 2020.

No doubt baldness and hair fall are a growing concern among youngsters and middle-aged individuals these days. A thick and good amount of hair on your head hones your self-esteem and keeps you confident.

Advanced technology has found ways to diminish these evils of hair fall and baldness via a procedure called hair transplantation. If you’re a resident of Mumbai and are looking for a hair transplant clinic, you’ve arrived at the right spot. Bloom Hair Transplant is one of the growing pioneers in Mumbai due to the use of one-of-its-kind imported machinery!

Now, while opting for a hair transplant, there are two options you can choose from – FUT(Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction)

Let’s see the detailed comparisons between both so you know which one to choose:

What are FUT and FUE?

FUT – This is a common and traditional method of hair transplantation. It involves extracting a strip of skin, especially from the backside of the head (also known as ‘donor’ site). Later, the extracted skin is separated into grafts. These grafts are nothing but a piece of skin that consists of hair follicles to be transplanted into the ‘recipient’ or bald areas of the head via surgical incisions.

FUT hair transplant


FUE –  Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a modernized version of FUT and requires mastery or at the least, a well-experienced surgeon. At Bloom Hair Transplant, our expert doctors hold a whopping experience of 12+ years in this field with more than thousands of successful surgeries.

fue hair transplant


In FUE, the surgeon extracts the follicles one by one by circular incisions. The extracted follicles are then planted into the recipient areas of the patient. Since the doctor has to extract each graft individually, this process can prove to be time-consuming.

FUT VS. FUE – Which is better?

Well, both the methods are safe and advisable. However, let’s have a look at the following factors which can help in establishing an unbiased choice.

1. Donor Scarring:

In FUT, the scarring is pretty obvious since a complete patch of skin is extracted. The scars may show up once the surgery is complete. The size of the scar usually depends on the number of grafts extracted. They fade with time but are permanent and may be clearly visible if you cut your hair short.

FUE enjoys the advantage of less visible or no scars at all. The scars may feel like pinpricks but won’t be visible.

2. Procedure duration:

FUT deals with the removal of an entire patch of grafts in one-go. Hence, the time required for this procedure is less.

On the other hand, FUE involves graft by graft extraction which consumes a lot of time.

Being one of the best hair transplants clinic in Mumbai, we are one step ahead of the game with our advanced and latest imported equipment that assist in performing the procedure smoothly and precisely.

3. Pain:

FUT may cause pain as compared to FUE.

4. Recovery time:

FUT may take a week or two times for recovery while FUE may take a duration of few days to recover.

5. Graft quality:

Usually, in FUT, the extracted grafts bear a superior quality. In FUE, the extracted grafts are fragile since they lack the protective dermis and fat of microscopically dissected FUT grafts.

Conclusion :

The end decision is completely yours and the condition of your hair. However, we hope this blog helps you make the correct decision. For any queries or booking an appointment with us, visit us at Bloom Hair Transplant today!