How To Select Best Hair Clinic Or Hair Transplant Clinic Near Me ?

How To Select Best Hair Clinic Or Hair Transplant Clinic Near Me ?

How To Select Best Hair Clinic Or Hair Transplant Clinic Near Me ?


Hair transplant is a very important and growing surgery. You will have to do it if you have thin hair and don’t have any other options to replace it. Finding the clinic that offers perfect hair transplant is not an easy task. In fact, you might even think about it as impossible. However, there are many clinics out there offering hair transplant in the market today, but we can guarantee that by choosing the best one from among them, you will get the best result.We are one of the top clinics who are offering hair transplant services in the market today and you can easily choose Bloom Hair Transplant clinic which would be perfect for your needs. Now let’s look at some of the areas:
  1. Hair restoration specialists – Top rated clinics in India with state-of-the-art facilities that offer various types of medical procedures related to hair transplants along with full range of medical services like- hair repair, hair transplantation & hair loss treatment Hair dermatologists – Top rated clinics in India with state-of-the-art facilities that offer various types of medical treatments and procedure related to hair issues such as Alopecia, alopecia areata, dandruff etc., along with full range of medical services like– Hair Dermatology & Hair Rehabilitation
  2. Hair restoration surgeons – Dr. Vinod Sonawane is hair specialist, and best hair transplant doctor / surgeon offering top medical faculty for various types of medical procedures related to hair transplants along with full range of medical services and possess and is – Highly Skilled Surgeons
  3. Hair transplant surgeons – Dr. Vinod Sonawane is top medical faculty with more than 4000 hair transplant operations of experience under his belt, who is offering various types of medical procedures related to hair transplants along with full range of medical services and possess and is – HIGHLY SKILLED SURGEONS

What to look for in a hair clinic:

When you are talking about hair transplant, you are talking about the most effective hair transplant technique. Though this procedure has been around for a long time, the technology used to carry it out is still evolving. It is time to figure out what you should look for in a hair clinic.For the sake of discussion, let’s imagine that you want to go natural and have the best possible hair transplant without going through the pain of surgery. The following list of some of the criteria will help you find a clinic that can do excellent hair transplants on your behalf.
  1. Customer satisfaction – every patient wants to know that their doctor is doing good work and that after their operation; they will be back as soon as possible (or maybe even sooner). It’s hard not to have an issue when one’s doctor just doesn’t seem like someone who would make sure each step of their treatment is done properly, therefore it is essential to check the customer reviews and success ratio.
  2. Experienced doctors – one must not just hire someone who can implant hair faster than any other clinic in town but must also make sure that his or her skills match those of professionals at other clinics so that patients don’t get stuck with an amateur doctor, ensure that you have qualified MBBS / MD doctor attached or owns the hair clinic and is practicing.
  3. Quality of service – if you want your new hairs done professionally so you can feel confident in every aspect, then it is very important that your doctor takes care in choosing the right tools and equipment which will deliver perfection. Ensure that the clinic follows international standards of hygiene and sterilization of equipment’s. Otherwise, it may lead to various kinds of complications like infection or bleeding.
  4. Availability – whether your doctor understands how difficult it can be for people to get appointments right off the bat or if he/she uses his/her own schedule as an excuse not to see patients (and even when they do see patients, they may end up working extremely hard from early morning till late night), availability should be taken seriously when considering clinics with rich experience in treating conditions like hair transplantation. This list needs some more elaboration here and there; but it would be good enough for us here at Wired India:
  5. Credibility – whether your doctor feels confident enough in himself/herself and his/her skillsets to convince people about why such a costly surgery is needed; whether his/her other clients are satisfied with his/her work and how much time he/she spends on them; whether all procedures are done professionally so that no mistakes occur; whether he/she uses modern equipment

The importance of research:

There are many hair transplant clinics, but it is not easy to find them. Even the ones who claim to be expensive and perfect usually have just a few procedures left in their register.For this reason, it is important for you to understand about the issues before going on your search for the perfect clinic. To do this, you can follow the following steps:
  1. 1– Do a Google search of all terms related to hair transplant in your city, state or country (use –hair-transplant-clinic). This can help you narrow down your search results when choosing clinics.
  2. 2– If you still don’t find what you are looking for, then do some research online? There are multiple websites which will provide more information about clinics as well as reviews from actual patients as well as doctors who have treated them.
  3. 3– Finally, if none of these recommendations work for you and nothing else has worked for you before then feel free to visit different clinics that might have worked with previous patients or friends of yours (or just ask the internet) so that you can get first-hand experience with their services and what they offer. By doing all these three steps will help you identify the best clinic so that ultimately it could save your time and money instead of wasting them on unnecessary procedures while trying to find a great clinic in India that would help improve your health status.

The consultation process:

It’s a common problem, even to professionals. When you consult with a hair transplant surgeon or doctor, the first thing that typically comes up is how much it costs to get hair transplant done. As it turns out, the cost varies quite a bit depending on who you ask.As long as you’re not sure of the results of your consultation seek appointment with the Senior Hair Transplant Doctor in the clinic,To summarize:
  1. Hair transplant is based on you baldness pattern, depending on which, requirement of grafts would be assessed, therefore the cost may vary, please don’t fall for low price trap, some can mislead.
  2. The cost of hair transplant may vary depending on who you ask;

The hair transplant procedure:

This is a good question for hair transplant clinic:At Bloom Hair Transplant, we follow international hair transplant procedure, a safe and sound technique to remove and implant hair. The patient is at first administered anaesthesia to avoid even the least bit of irritation in the area from where the hair follicle will be extracted. Each follicular unit consisting of 1 to 4 hairs is removed by punches varying in size from 0.6-1.1 mm.For transplanting hair, cosmetic surgeons make sure that no mark is left at the areas from where the hair is extracted. The grafts extracted are kept in chilled saline before being measured for density and angles to be implanted on the area that has gone bald. Our surgeon makes use of fine needles or extremely small micro blades to pierce the site for graft implantation where the grafts are inserted as per a pre-determined pattern.The best thing about hair transplant procedure is that post implantation look is not artificial and there is a natural looking hairline to display.

Post or after the hair transplant:

There is a routine follow up with the patient from the clinic, they are administered for certain precautions, hair wash methods and procedures for taking care for first 3 months and then followed till 8 to 12 months.

Side Effects of Hair Transplant: 

It is important to remember that most side effects of hair transplant are temporary and will resolve on their own within a few days to weeks. However, if you experience any persistent or severe side effects, contact your surgeon immediately.To minimize the risk of side effects after hair transplant, be sure to choose a qualified and experienced surgeon, follow all pre- and post-operative instructions carefully, and avoid smoking and alcohol consumption before and after the procedure. With proper care, you can enjoy a successful and safe hair transplant with minimal side effects.


Are you ready to get your hair transplants at the India’s best hair transplant clinic? Remember there are hundreds of thousands of clinics in the world. Maybe, you are still using the wrong clinics or maybe, you just want to find out which clinic is excellent, according to your criteria, we recommend you use the above mentioned criteria and locate the best clinic for you, however if you need any help do get in touch with us.Do remember, the cost of hair transplant depends on the technique you select and number of grafts required, do not get carried away by false or wrong information. Please speak with us in case you need more clarity.Look no further! This article and few other will help you find the most reputable and best clinics in all over the world for your questions such as:
  1. Which hair transplant clinic is best for you?
  2. Which hair transplant clinic should I go to?
  3. How should I go about finding the specific hair transplant clinic that can give me my desired results?
  4. Should I go for a full head transplant or just partial head transplant? What are the benefits and disadvantages of each option?
  5. What is the difference between a female balding and a male balding scalp?
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