Hair Care Tips For Monsoons By Bloom Hair Transplant Experts

Hair Care Tips For Monsoons By Bloom Hair Transplant Experts

Hair Care Tips For Monsoons By Bloom Hair Transplant Experts

When the skies darken and the clouds rumble, the world reacts with joy. This glorious act of nature signals the end of the scorching summer and the onset of the Monsoons. The intoxicating smell of wet earth fills our senses with utter bliss.

Snacks are consumed, songs are sung and often, vacations are planned. But the same dream-like Monsoons that you joyously welcome can also be a nightmare for your hair. Because of the pollution in the air and the constant dampness in your hair, it is super essential to maintain the condition of your crown, all through the rains.

These easy tricks and tips can help you protect and preserve the condition of your hair come rain or shine. Just remember, dampness is the biggest enemy to a full, stylish crown of hair.

The easiest thing to do is to not step out when it rains. Unfortunately, your schedule may not necessarily allow for that luxury. Hence, if you do step into the rain, make sure that you’re carrying an umbrella or a raincoat with adequate protection for your luscious locks. As magical as the sight of your hair getting drenched may look in the movies, the truth is that you’re doing more harm than good by stepping out during the Monsoons.

The Monsoons tend to bring with them a sea of pollution and every time you come in contact with rainwater, you stand the risk of damaging your hair. Therefore, rinse off this pollution with shampoo.

Make sure that the shampoo you’re using is effective. Also, augment this process by applying conditioner to your hair. This combination both protects your hair and cleanses it of pollutants. Be sure to shampoo at least twice every week.

If your hair does get wet, it is recommended that you dry it with a towel gently because wet hair is prone to breakage. This should be followed by a round of combing. Avoid using a brush because if your brush gets tangled in your hair, the effects could be disastrous.

Everybody enjoys a round of warm, oily pakodas during the rains. However, good nutrition can also result in good hair care. Consume a good deal of protein to make sure that your hair has the necessary strength to endure the rains. Replace the pakodas with leafy vegetables, fresh fruit, and whole grains.

While an oily diet may not be recommended, oil is great for your hair! An oil massage with the right brand of hair oil revives and revitalizes your hair, keeping it nourished through the rains. Make sure you get a champi regularly during the rains.

Ultimately, if your hair does suffer damage, visit an expert like Dr. Vinod Sonawane, MD- Hair Transplant Surgeon, PG Diploma in Trichology & Managing Director at Bloom Hair Transplant. So, embark on a nutritious culinary journey, this Monsoon and enjoy the rain to the fullest.