Dr. Vinod Sonawane’s Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Dr. Vinod Sonawane’s Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Dr. Vinod Sonawane’s Monsoon Hair Care Tips

It’s the perfect weather people – the clouds, the cool breeze, the rain and lots of selfies and outings with friends and cozy times spent with your love. But hey, is your dull, greasy and stinky hair spoiling the fun?

When you think of monsoon, it’s just romance and beauty and nature that comes to mind – initially. And then the stink and the damp hair and the hair fall! If you’re already dreading this and have started experiencing monsoon hair woes, it’s time to read some hair care tips from a hair expert!

Dr. Sonawane, MD – Hair Transplant Surgeon, PG Diploma in Trichology is the Managing Director at Bloom Hair Transplant, a 7+ year’s old clinic dedicated to maintain and enhance the image of individuals through a personalized, hi-tech enabled and result oriented treatment for hair transplant. Here are some really useful tips that he is sharing with you.

The monsoons tend to bring with them a sea of pollution, and every time you come in contact with rainwater, you stand the risk of damaging your hair. Therefore, rinse off this pollution with shampoo. Also, add more strength to your shampoo by applying conditioner to your hair. This combination will protect your hair and cleanse it of pollutants. Be sure to shampoo at least twice every week.

If your hair gets wet, dry it with a towel. Make sure that you are gentle because wet hair is prone to breakage. Follow this by a round of combing. Avoid using a brush, because if your brush gets tangled in your hair, the effects could be disastrous.

While you may be waiting to devour all the pakodas in the rains, remember that good nutrition is important for hair care. Consume a good deal of protein to make sure that your hair has the necessary strength to endure the rains. Replace the pakodas with leafy vegetables, fresh fruit, and whole grains.

While you should try and stay away from an oily diet, oil is great for your hair! An oil massage will revive and revitalize your hair and keep it nourished through the rains. Make sure you get a champi done regularly during the rains.

Ultimately, if your hair does suffer damage, visit an expert and check about customized, expert advice and treatment to bring your hair back to perfect condition once again. Now that you’re fully equipped for the rains, be sure to enjoy them to the fullest.